Friday, April 09, 2010


No, not that hooker. This is about hooker of the rugby variety and the people playing that position in our batch.

Ajiz was the 1st hooker of our team. Sharap was the second choice. This was when we were in Form 1.

But Ajiz's career was cut short accidentally by Sharap when we were in F2. Sharap broke Ajiz's arm (giving birth to lipan bara. But that's another story) a couple of days before we left for SBP North Zone Championship in Kangar. Sharap obviously replaced him. Ajiz never came back to the team and Sharap played on until F3 and was the first choice hooker.

Abon was in and out of the team as he was divided between rugby and trying out to be the goalkeeper for football. He at last accepted the fact that he was only growing sideways so a career in football looked bleak and settled for rugby.

Abon was a part of the team that went on to become the Perak runner-up in the MSSPK Under-15 tournament in 1992. The team also competed at the national level. That time he was a utility player, acting as the back-up scrum-half and the hooker.

In '93, Abon established himself as the first choice hooker for the Koleq's team. But the father did not allow him play for the Vaji game played in KL. So, Epit replaced him for the game.

Duirng F5, abon came back as a hooker. While Epit & Sharap became the flankers or the wing-forwards. Abon's father must have something against Vaji as again he was not permitted to go to Thailand with the team. I can't recall who replaced him but it must be someone from Class of '95.