Tuesday, December 22, 2009


During our time, the SBP rugby teams to beat were SEMESTI and SOKSEK. And our first encounter with SOKSEK team was indeed a memorable one.

Our rugby team first met SOKSEK during the U-14 North Zone Inter SBP Sports Carnival in 1991 in Perlis. To cut a long story short, we lost the the game handsomely to them. They were good.

But it was not memorable because we lost. It was memorable because the game witnessed the first of many dirty tactics and techniques deployed by us in due course of our koleq's sporting career. :)

SOKSEK had many good players, one of the most oustanding being its open side winger known as Din. Din was big for a 14 year old and he ran through everything that blocked his way, not unlike Jonah Lomu during the 1995 World Cup. Standing opposite him was Tkid.

Everybody was really clueless on how to stop this human juggernaut. So we basically left things to chance and fate. Little did we know that Tkid had an ingenious plan. But Tkid kept it close to his chest. Nobody knew, not even Kadaque, the captain.

We only came to know of his plans halfway thorugh the game when a fuming Din shouted at the top of his lungs in the course of him running for another try, "HARAM JADAH - HANGPA MAIN TAGHIK TELOQQQQ!!!!"

Tkid never owned up to the act but he did not deny it either. Not until recently.

Tkid broke his silence after all these years. Below is his confession :

Memang aku tarik teloq Din tu ha...sampai 3 orang tackle tak jatuh2...
aku pun tarik dan pulas baru dia berhenti berlari..

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Soalan Daripada Non-Prefect Yengko

XXXX, masa hang jadi 'polis' (istilah TNGggGGGgggGGG...) dulu, camne hang handle this issue - bebudak rugby menggunakan steroid berjenama marlboro and dunhill nih?

As a rugger, of coz ko nak increase the chance team ko menang kan (kalau bebudak nih kantoi, mau aku, rough, chamat etc yang kena masuk team pasal x cukup orang).. tapi as a polis, ko still ada ada amanat dari pihak management MCKK yang ko kena jagakan?

Jawapan Daripada Prefects Yengko

Anj. 1 : If i remember correctly, I had a policy to deal with this. Not only with ruggers but with all others. Kerja jadi anjing kat koleq bukan boleh bawak ke mana pun, that I realised early. So, pada aku as long as kawan-kawan kita yang merokok ni show me some respect i.e tak hisap openly, etc., I will not chase (the term is hunting).

Kalau aku jumpa aku akan ambik rokok tu. Tapi aku tak report.

Banyak juga rokok yang kena rampas dengan aku - rokok Cop, rokok Ayul pun ada jugak, rokok Faz, Khalid pun ada rasanya. rokok Eshadiq 96. Nak buat mcm mana, hangpa isap dalam toilet dorm 16/17 yang juga digunakan oleh aku.

Anj. 2 : Aku pernah hunting sorang sebab dia isap dalam dorm. Dia dok dorm hujung. Ade jugak rokok yang aku jumpa, aku letak air, aku tak rampas.

Anj. 3 : Aku applied similar concept with XXXX.. tak hunting tapi kalau jumpa aku amik.