Monday, July 03, 2006

5 Sc 5 to Au Yong: "Aaaaaaaoooooowwwwwhhhh"

Year : 1994
Time : Add Math Period
Location : 5 Sc 5.

The atmospehere was wonderful.
Everyone was in the most ceria mode as they thought the teacher will not be coming at all. 15 minutes have passed for the two-period add math session for that day.

Ketak! Ketuk, Ketak!, Ketuk!..............Kasut tumit tinggi Au Yong Sau Fan sayup2 kedengaran….and makin lama makin kuat..makin hamper..

As the poor teacher entered the class……
The whole class sighed….
Aaaaaaaoooooooooooooowwwwwhhhhhhh…….(macam supporter England meraung bila carragher tak masuk penalty..hahahah)

I guess it was just a gesture of being so close with the class teacher and add math teacher for two years. We were just ‘usik-usik’ her. Little that we expect yang dia akan merajuk.
But for her, she just can’t believe how these anak2 melayu tak nak belajar..
She was so frustrated, that she did not even say anything…and just turned away , heading back to Bilik Guru….

And at the end, Radin and I went to pujuk her….tinggal lah satu period je…hehehehe..ok la tu…

Tapi ada gak suara2 sumbang yang berbunyi, " Laa..sapa suruh pujuk??"

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